SHIPPING & FREIGHT DEPARTMENT is specialized and has the expertise in Transportation of Oil & Petrochemical products by Seagoing Vessels mainly in Baltic & Black Sea, ARA Range, Adriatic & Med Area.

The main products that we are transporting are Petroleum Gases, Light Oil Products as Diesel, MTBE, Naphtha, Gasoline, Biofuels, Base Oils and Dirty/Heavy Oil Products as Heavy Fuel Oil, VGO, Bitumen, Petcoke.

The maritime transport for the petroleum industry is a crucial challenge.

Our SHIPPING & FREIGHT DEPARTMENT is able to organize diverse logistics solutions:
  • Freight Brokerage for transportation of Oil & Petrochemical Products, LPG by Seagoing Vessels and Tankers with focus on Baltic & Black Sea, ARA Range, Med Area and Adriatic Sea, as well Worldwide.
  • Oil & LPG Warehousing, Storage, Transshipment Services as Ship-to-Ship, Ship-Terminal-Ship, Rail-to-Ship, Rail-Terminal-Ship in Baltic & Black Sea.

Our Brokerage activity is chartering of Seagoing Vessels and Tankers with cargoes ranging from 3.000 to 100.000 metric tons. This activity covers Spot voyages, Time Charters, Contracts of Affreightment and implementation of storage vessels. We are managing the transportation of Crude Oil, Petroleum Products, Chemicals, Biofuels and Biodiesels across the world seas and oceans.
Fleets of our partner Ship-Owners include all types of vessels, from Small to VLCC / ULCC Tankers.

Our shipping capability is clearly central to provide reliable, safe, punctual and highly competitive freight costs for Oil Products.

Global Multimodal Logistics Solutions: Road, Rail, River & Sea