SHIPPING & FREIGHT DEPARTMENT is specialized and has the expertise in Transportation of Oil & Petrochemical products by Road and Railway across continental Europe.

The main products that we are transporting are Light and Heavy Oil Products and Petrochemical Products as Base Oils, Liquid Sulphur, Toluene, Benzene, Pygas, Paraffin, Polyethylenes and other petrochemical products.

Our SHIPPING & FREIGHT DEPARTMENT is able to organize diverse logistics solutions:

  • Oil & Petrochemical Transportation by Road and Railway
  • Best & Optimal transportation routes
  • Door to Door delivery in Europe, Russia, CIS and Balkan countries
  • Tax Warehousing and Storage

Our strategic goal is to achieve full integration into the Eurasian transport infrastructure in order to expand the East-West and North-South transport corridors across the Eurasian continent to give our end-consumers the benefits of door-to-door delivery and greatly reduced costs and shipping times.

Global Multimodal Logistics Solutions: Road, Rail, River & Sea