About Business Oil Platform

A dynamic trading company growing to be amongst Europe’s major suppliers of varied petroleum & petrochemical feedstocks and blend stocks, Business Oil Platform Ltd. was founded in 2009 and has its headquarters in London UK.

We trade in the full range of feedstocks & blend stocks as well as petroleum gases; light, middle and heavy distillates; and a large variety of petrochemicals. Since its inception, BOP has expanded its biofuels portfolio into advanced bio-based feedstocks and blend stocks in alignment with our vision to become a fully integrated energy company and achieve our sustainability goals. Our bioproducts are ISCC and NABISY certified.

Our long-term partnerships with global producers and refineries ensure the sustainable availability of petroleum and petrochemical products. All products meet every individual specification and are in full compliance with European and international standards including REACH.

The growth of BOP activities and partner networks into global energy and petrochemical commodity markets is being driven by our experienced multinational and multilingual team.

Partnering with BOP

We supply a variety of economic and industrial sectors, including oil refineries and steam crackers, bio and petrochemical refineries, power & heating plants, petrol station chains, cement, steel, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Our strong competitive advantage stems from our professional team's knowledge and experience, a flexible and quick decision-making process, and a hands-on approach to creating made-to-order solutions for our valued partners at all stages of the product supply chain.

BOP’s unique competencies in combination with our far-reaching network enable us to formulate, implement and deliver the most complex logistics services and multimodal solutions by road, rail, river and sea transport.

BOP offers bespoke energy and petrochemical commodity trading solutions by sourcing and blending products that meet both customer demand and respond to dynamic market requirements.


Oil Products

Oil Supply

Few can argue that petroleum products will continue to be reliable sources of heat, light and transportation fuel. Our forward-looking company's expertise and impressive market presence enables us to serve all customer demands.


Petrochemical Products

Oil Supply

Petrochemicals have become an integral part of modern life and affect almost all aspects of our lives. BOP trades in these speciality chemicals across many industries including pharmaceuticals, construction, technology and renewable energies.


Bio Products

Oil Supply

As biofuels continue to develop and become more complex, we have the expertise and resources to create value-added solutions for our partners. Our sustainable product portfolio covers a wide range of raw materials used in the biofuels value chain.


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