Business Oil Platform, founded in 2009 with Head Quarters in London, UK, is an experienced and dynamic Trading company of a wide spectrum of Petroleum & Petrochemical products.

Since its foundation BOP has grown into one of the leading suppliers of various Petroleum & Petrochemical Feedstocks and Blend stocks in wider Europe region.

We are trading with the full range of Feedstocks & Blend stocks, Petroleum Gases, Light, Middle & Heavy Distillates, Bio-Fuels and a large variety of Petrochemicals.

Our experienced multinational team is the driving force behind the expansion of BOP activities and partners’ network to global energy/petrochemical commodity markets.

Partnering with BOP

We are supplying different sectors of economy and industries as Refineries and Steam Crackers, Petrochemical Industries, Blending Plants, Manufacturing Companies and Factories, Power Plants, Chains of Gasoline Filling Stations, Distributors and Bunkering Companies.

Our advantage lies in our professional team’s competence and expertise, flexible and fast decision-making process, and a hands-on approach in finding tailor-made solutions during all stages of product supply chain to our valued partners.

BOP provides bespoke solutions to energy/petrochemical commodity trading – sourcing and blending products to meet every individual specification and managing the most efficient and flexible supply chain to respond to dynamic market needs.

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Our supplied Petroleum products range from Feedstocks & Blend stocks, Petroleum Gases, Light, Middle & Heavy Distillates to Bio-Fuels.

Our products meet every individual specification and are in full compliance with European Standards.

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We are specialized in supply of BTX Feedstocks and Aromatics, various grades of Polymers, Sulphur, Paraffin and Base Oils.

Our products meet every individual demand and are in full compliance with Reach requirements.

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Our competence and extensive network allow us to organize and provide the most complex logistics services and multimodal solutions – By Road, Rail, River & Sea.

Our expansive fleet is ready to serve your needs.

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