The logistics supply chain for the petroleum industry is a crucial challenge. Our competence and extensive network allow us to deliver the full range of Oil & Petrochemical products, organize andprovide the most complex logistics by multimodal solutions – By Road, Rail, River & Sea.

Our expertise and expansive fleet is ready to serve all your logistics needs.

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BOP has huge expertise in Transportation of Oil & Petrochemical products by River Barges across Danube – Main - Rhine Rivers from Black Sea till ARA area.

In partnership, BOP operate with the biggest fleet of River Barges in Danube area.

We are transporting both our own traded products as well as providing logistics services to Petroleum sector’s participants.

Our fleet consists only in double hull barges accepted and approved by major European Refineries and Oil companies, all our operated Barges are EBIS approved.

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BOP is able to organize and deliver the Oil & Petrochemical products around the world by Seagoing Vessels and Tankers.

The main flows focus in Baltic & Black Sea area, North Sea and ARA, Med Area and Adriatic Sea.

Our shipping capability is clearly central to provide reliable, safe, punctual and highly competitive freight costs for Oil & Petrochemical Products.

Road & Rail Transport
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In partnership, BOP is one of the biggest Railway Tanks Cars private operator specialized in carriage of Oil & Petrochemical products by Railway across continental Europe.

BOP is able to organize diverse inland logistics solutions allowing us to deliver Oil & Petrochemical Transportation by Road and Railway by Best & Optimal transportation routes.

Our strategic goal is to achieve full integration into the Eurasian transport infrastructure, in order to expand the East-West and North-South transport corridors across the Eurasian continent to give our end-consumers the benefits of door-to-door delivery and greatly reduced costs and shipping times.

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BOP is operating with Storages and Transhipment facilities across Europe located in Black Sea, across Danube River and Rhine Rivers, ARA Area.

Our blending capacity maximize and optimize our products in accordance with every individual specification and in full compliance with European Standards.