Logistics supply chains in the petroleum industry are traditionally a crucial challenge to all parties involved.

Thanks to our proficient knowledge and extensive network we are uniquely positioned to deliver the fullest range of oil & petrochemical products as well as to organise and deliver the most complex logistics by way of creative combined transport solutions by road, rail, river and sea.

Our exceptional expertise and extensive fleet are at your disposal to service all your logistics needs.

River Transport
Oil Supply

BOP has extensive experience in transporting oil and petrochemical products by river barges along all navigable waterways throughout Europe.

We not only transport our own traded products but also furnish logistical services to participants across the petroleum sector.

Our company fleet has been approved by major European refineries and oil companies thereby allowing us to provide rapid and compliant solutions when it comes to fluvial transport.

Maritime Transport
Oil Supply

BOP is well-versed in the organisation and delivery of a variety of products around the world by way of seagoing vessels and tankers.

To help meet the rising global demand for energy, we strive to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable solutions to meet the growing global demand through properly transporting oil products, bioproducts and chemicals.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality, flexible and cost-effective services that contribute to the success of our global business partners’ objectives.

Rail & Road Transport
Oil Supply

Thanks to key partnerships, BOP is one of the largest private railway tank car operators in Europe with a particular specialism in the carriage of oil, petrochemical, bio and gas products by railway across the continent.

BOP excels in regularly organising advanced inland rail and road logistics solutions enabling our team to provide competitive transportation by employing the best and most advantageous transportation routes.

Our strategic goal is to expand the East/ West and North/ South transport corridors across the Eurasian continental area to achieve full integration with the transcontinental transport infrastructure. The aim is to offer our end-consumers the benefits of door-to-door deliveries at the most economical rates and highly optimized shipping times.

Oil Supply

BOP works closely together with numerous storage and transshipment facilities across the length and breadth of Europe thereby empowering BOP to blend the products in dedicated storage facilities and operate in a manner that befitting key business objectives: The provision of a reliable, flexible service.

Our storage and blending capacity play a vital role in our efforts to optimise our and our business partners' products according to each individual specification and in compliance with all European, national and international standards.

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